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Bottom Lash Mascara

bottom-lash-mascaraToday’s post I feel like is more of a public service announcement.  I am so excited about this product that I just found!

Why am I so excited?  I have had lash extensions for the last few years.  I love them!  I love that I wake up in the morning and I already look semi put together. When you have lash extensions you don’t use mascara.  This has meant that my mascara doesn’t get used a lot and goes dry.  I then don’t want to buy more because I hardly use it and so my bottom lashes rarely get any attention.  I’ve decided that I would like to change that and so I started looking for a solution.  I tried this idea that I found on Pinterest and it didn’t work well for me.  I decided to ask the girl who does my lashes and she told me that Clinque makes a mascara just for bottom lashes.  What??? Genius!


mascara-brushesI picked up this mascara at Ulta for $10.  It has a tiny brush (compared to a normal mascara brush) which is perfect for getting the tiny lashes under the eye.  It  doesn’t have a problem with clumping, which is a problem with normal mascara.  I also think that it’s easier to not get mascara on the skin under the eye when working with the smaller brush.

I love that the solution to my “lower lash” problem was so easily fixed and for a fairly low price.  Hopefully this find helps some of you out too!



Ombre Nail Polish

ombre-nail-polishI pinned a picture off of Pinterest and the description had these instructions “Ombre nails with an eyeshadow brush. Paint your nails with your base color, then apply the eye shadow and finish with a thick clear top coat to lock everything in!”

It sounded simple enough so I decided to give it a try.  Here are the ins and outs of what I found.


The basic idea of it does work.  It takes a lot of eye shadow.  I rubbed a ton of eye shadow on my nails and it still felt like it was a “light” ombre look.  I also tried it with a pink eye shadow and I couldn’t get it to show up at all on my nails.

I found that a eye shadow application brush worked better than the wand that came with the eye shadow.  I was surprised that it was not the other way around.

Be prepared for this to be messy!  I had eye shadow all over my fingers and on the counter where I was working.  Everything washed off pretty easy, but it was an unexpected mess.

I found that there were some spots that were really hard to get the shadow to stick to and required lots of going over.

Overall, the look that I originally saw on Pinterest was achieved, but it was “faded” looking.  Between that and the mess that it made, I don’t see myself doing this again.  If it’s something that you’re wanting to try for yourself, I hope that what I learned will help you.




The Perfect Self Tanner

self-tannerI have always loved having tan skin.  One part of the reason is that I have had weight issues my whole life and I figured out pretty early on that a tan overweight person looks much more attractive than pale white overweight person.  I first got into self tanners when I was a teenager.  I bought Estee Lauder’s, which at the time was the one that gave you the least orange tan.  During the early nineties most self tanners left you looking more like an Oompa Loompa  than a girl with a fabulous beach tan.  Thank heavens things have improved!

Since that time I have tried many different products.  Some have been good, some have not, all have had a not so pleasant scent.  When I saw a review on which Cara had tried more than 40 self tanners to find the one that she liked the best, I knew that I had to try her winner.  It is called Tanwise Dark Bronzing Sunless Mousse.


The first thing that I love is that it doesn’t smell bad.  Even after using it for a year I still am afraid every time I use it that it’s going to smell bad and am pleasantly surprised when it’s doesn’t.

It is a mousse foam and that makes it super easy to get on evenly.  When I’m applying it to my legs I use one pump at a time, rub it in to where I’m happy with it and then use another pump.

It stays on for a few days.  I normally reapply once a week.  The only time that I’ve noticed it on any of my clothes is when I go running and when I’m done I find tanner on the inside of my socks.

The color is a perfectly bronzed tan.  For my skin, which is darker, I only put on one layer.  My friend, whose legs are in the picture (thank you dear friend who I promised would remain anonymous!), it takes 2-3 applications to get the look she wants.

The price is my favorite part.   It’s sold at Sally’s and at Amazon for under $20!  Much better than the $60 I spent in 1990 for a product that didn’t work nearly as well.  What do you know?  The future is bright and full of beautiful tans!!


Linsterine Feet- Does it Work?

Have you seen this pin floating around Pinterest?   It has like 6,300 pins as of right now just on this one picture.  Many others have posted about it too.  It claims that if you soak your feet in a mixture of Listerine, vinegar and water the dry, dead skin will magically come off and you’ll be left with wonderfully soft feet.  With how popular it is, I knew that I needed to do a post on it.  I mentioned it to my friend Dana, and she said, “If you want to know the science of why it works, give me a call.”  Dana is a geneticist and has been a biology teacher at a local Catholic high school, so I figured I’d get a pretty legit explanation from her.
So, here’s why Dana says it works.  The alcohol in the Listerine and the vinegar dry out the top layer of skin.  This  breaks the skin cells apart from each other so they are no longer attached.  When the skin dries, the cells then will just rub off because they are no longer linked together.  The key for me was waiting until they’re dry.  She used the example of when you’re a kid and you put glue on your hand (everybody’s done that right?).  You have to wait for the glue to dry and then it will peel right off.  Pretty cool!  So here is what happened when I actually tried it.

This picture is a bit deceptive.  If you read it calls for 1/4 C Listerine, 1/4 C vinegar, and 1/2 C water.  1/4 + 1/4 + 1/2 = 1 C;  That’s it.  It will cover the bottoms and sides of your feet.  I thought that I would need to double it for sure, but it turned out to be just the right amount.
I used one of those pink tubs that the hospital gives you when you have a baby.  It was the perfect size.
Just do it for 10 minutes.  You don’t need to sitting there for an hour.
Your feet will have slight blue tinge to them when they come out.  Don’t worry about it; the blue comes right off.  If you don’t want the blue feet, Dana says that vodka will work the same as the Listerine.
Don’t try and wipe them off right away!  You have to wait for them to dry.  If you don’t feel like just hanging around waiting for your feet to dry, have a hairdryer handy.  Set the hairdryer to low or cool air and get those piggies dry!
The best thing to help get the dead skin off is a pumice stone.  This will get it all off quickly.  You can also use a washcloth or loofah.
Make sure and lotion your feet right after.  Remember, the point of this is to dry them out.
This does remove dead skin, but let’s get real.  If you’re heels have a thick, hard layer of dead skin, this isn’t going to be your magic cure all.  Just go get a pedicure.  This is more of a maintenance thing.

Have fun trying! Anne

Blush as Lipstick?

I am always on the lookout for things that make me feel more attractive, save time in my life, or in someway make my life easier.  A few weeks ago Cara Brooks, over at Maskcara, did this makeover where she said that she used her Jem liquid blush on Kayla’s lips.  When I read that I did a double take.  You see, I already had Jem (anyone else think “Truly Outrageous” every time that you read that? Sorry, if you where born after 1982 you probably won’t get that joke.) and I love it as a blush.  It blends in really well and looks like it’s part of the skin, and not sitting on top of it like powder blushes do.
Here’s what I thought of using it as a lipstick/lip gloss.
Anne Opinion:
It’s my new favorite thing to wear on my lips.  In my day to day life as a mom, you don’t want to look like your too made up or trying to hard.  Lipstick tends to do that.  Don’t get me wrong, I wear it when I’m going out with my husband or to church on Sundays, but when going to the local playgroup or taking my kid to soccer practice, it looks out of place.  I always hate how colorless my lips look though.  I was thrilled to discover this 2-fer in the blush that I’m already using.  As you can see, when applied, it looks like your lips have no makeup on them and they just naturally have amazing color.  So, if you’re like me and looking for a “natural look” for your lips, I highly recommend it.
Oh, and a couple of other things.
1. I think you could guess this already, but I’m in no way a professional photographer, and not the greatest at selfies, but I wanted you to see the difference the blush made.
2. I’m in no way compensated for this endorsement.  I just really love the product!


Here’s a link to Maskcara’s shop.

Have fun trying! Anne