Ice Cream Cake

ice-cream-cakeMy summer birthday boys have a bit of a tradition.  All three of them want to have an Ice Cream Cake.  Their favorite is chocolate cake with mint ice cream.  Sometimes they pick a different kind, like the S’more Cake in the picture.  I love making them because they are so easy to put together, easy to decorate and with the ice cream and cake together it’s a complete dessert.


An ice cream cake consists of two round cakes, a container of ice cream frozen in a round cake pan, and a container of Cool Whip.  Stack cake, ice cream, cake; cover with Cool Whip and you’re good to go.

The flavor combinations are endless.  Chocolate cake and strawberry ice cream; chocolate cake and cookies & cream ice cream; yellow cake with rocky road ice cream…use your imagination.

I like to decorate the top of cake by sprinkling it with a coordinating topping.  Junior mints for a chocolate/chocolate chip mint; Crushed Oreos on a chocolate/cookies & cream; graham crumbs, marshmallows and chocolate chips on a chocolate/s’more.

Make sure that your cake plate fits in your freezer and that you have enough space to put the cake in once it’s assembled.  Nothing is worse than having an ice cream cake melting because there was no where to freeze it.

The only down side to this cake is that it is not a last minute thing.  I always start 1-2 days before so that I can have 6-12 hours between each step.  But, as long as you plan in advance, you’ll have a cake that everyone will be super impressed with and took you very little prep time!


Ice Cream Cake
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Ice Cream Cake
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  1. Prepare a cake in two round pans. Wrap the cakes in plastic wrap and freeze them for 6-12 hours. Set ice cream out for 1/2-1 hour. Line a round cake pan with plastic wrap. Scoop ice cream into pan, filling the pan and smoothing the top flat. Freeze ice cream layer. O for 6-12 hours. Once all three are frozen, place a cake on a cake plate, place the ice layer on top of it, and the second cake on the top. Cover all of the cake with Cool Whip. Top with desired candy or crushed cookies. Freeze completed cake for at least 6 hours before serving.
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