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Misfit Shine- Why it’s my fitness tracker of Choice

Last December my husband asked me if I wanted to get a fitness tracker for Christmas.  I told him “No, I didn’t.”  Then, in January, I started to see the merits of having one and of course, decided I needed one.  Lucky for me I have an understanding husband and Valentine’s Day was coming up.  I started doing a little research into the different types of fitness trackers out there  and at first I thought that I wanted the fitbit.  It was by far the most popular and everyone seems to love it.

And then I heard about the Misfit Shine.  After doing some research on Mistfit and reading this review on Amazon I was convinced that the Shine was the one that I wanted.   Christmas is coming up again and  I figured that some of you might be thinking of getting a fitness tracker and I’d like to make a case for why you should consider Misfit Shine.  Please know that I paid for my Shine and I am in no way being compensated for my review.  This is 100% my unbiased opinion.


1The first thing that appealed to me about the Shine is that it doesn’t have to always be wore on your wrist.  This is what had always kept me away from fitness trackers.  I never wanted to have something that I had to have on my wrist or arm all the time.  There are times in life that you want to look dressy and not advertise that you’re tracking your activity.  The Shine can be worn 4 different places: your wrist, chest, hip or shoe.  What makes this possible is a powerful magnet in Shine. The magnet clip allows you to always be tracking your fitness and still be comfortable and discreet while doing it.  For instance, I like to wear a watch when I lift weights at the gym.  With other trackers this would mean that I have something on each wrist, but with the Misfit I can attach it to my shoe or my sports bra.  When I go to church on Sunday, there are times that I feel the Shine looks too casual so I attach it to my bra.  Many times I don’t though because it is attractive and I’ve gotten many compliments on it.

I’m amazed at how accurate it is, no matter where I put it.  The only thing that I’ve experienced that it’s not accurate with is the stair climber at the gym.  I actually emailed Misfit customer support about this one night and the next morning received an email explaining to me that the Shine can’t measure elevation change and that’s why it’s not accurate with the stair climber.  From what I’ve read, I don’t think any of the fitness trackers can tell that. (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

Other things that I love about the Shine:

  • It uses a watch battery so it never needs to be charged.  The batter should last 4-6 months.
  • It doubles as a watch.  I can check my progress and the time anytime simply by tapping it.
  • It syncs with My Fitness Pal.  I love this app and it was important to me that whatever tracker I got, worked with it.
  • It’s waterproof.  I like that I never have to worry about it getting wet.
  • It’s attractive and durable. I’ve worn mine nonstop and it doesn’t have a scratch on it (thanks to the aircraft grade aluminum that it’s made from.)  It still looks brand new, and with how active I am with my boys, that is a miracle.
  • There are many accessories available for it including  pendants that it will attach to so that you can wear it as a necklace and  a variety of wristbands, including leather so it really looks like a watch.
  • It’s very lightweight.  At first I was very aware that I had it on.  That was mostly the excitement of tracking my activity and sleep I think.  Now, I have to physically look to make sure I have it on.  It really feels like I’m wearing nothing.
  •  It stores the information for a long time.  I have gone a week between syncing, no problem.  Misfit says you can go 20-30 days depending on your activity level.
  • It automatically switches to sleep mode.  I understand that you have to do this manually with some other trackers.  The only con I’ve seen to this is that if I lay down in bed to watch TV, it thinks that I’ve gone to sleep.  I must be very still when I watch TV. 🙂

I also have experience with their customer support.  The first was with the stair climber question.  The second time was because my Shine was going through batteries way too fast and doing a funny blinking thing.  I emailed about it at 9:00 at night and had a reply email by 11:00 pm saying that it sounded like my Shine was defective and I could send it in for a replacement!  I was amazed at the quick and easy response.  I filled in the info in the link that they sent and they immediately sent me a new Shine, without waiting to receive mine.  Super impressed with their customer service!

The last thing that I want to show you is the new Swarovski Crystal Shine.  Isn’t it gorgeous!  I love that it comes with the fancy band and the casual one.  I have it on my list for what I’d like to get next.  They also have a violet crystal one that is solar powered, so no more worrying about charging or changing batteries ever!  It’s currently available for pre-order.

If your thinking about getting a fitness tracker sometime soon, I would suggest you give the Shine some consideration.  I’ve loved mine, which I’m sure you can tell by now. 😉