So you want to Clean you Toilet

toilet8I think I should warn you from the beginning that if you are eating, or have a queasy stomach you may not want to continue with this post.  There are some graphic pictures and I don’t want to be blamed for anyone losing their lunch.

Alright, you’ve been warned, let’s continue.  I have to clarify this post by saying that I really thought that I had been cleaning my toilet the best it could be cleaned for the past number of years.  I have 5 boys (just in case you forgot) and my toilets can get pretty bad.(understatement of the year)  I have scrubbed them, used a toothpick to get into the crevices the best I could and used an old tooth brush on occasion, but there have always been stains that I just couldn’t get off.

toilet1I had my friend Dana (my scientist friend who helped me out with this post) mention a while ago that she takes a part the toilet when she cleans it and then “waxes” it.  I thought “Wow” and didn’t think much more of it until she mentioned it again recently and I decided that I needed to have her teach me her ways.  I haven’t been haptoilet2py with mine for a while and thought that I just needed to replace the toilets all together.  I asked Dana to come teach me and she said she’d be happy to.  She had me get a few supplies together.  Gel Gloss, bathroom cleaner (whatever kind you prefer), a wrench, a flat head screwdriver, a magic eraser, and denture cleaner.

toilet4toilet3Fill your sink so that the water is about 4 inches high and put in around 3 denture cleaner tablets.  These are supposed to be for 8 oz of water each, so adjust as needed for the size of your sink.  Now for the gross part.  The first thing to do is remove the toilet lid.  To do this you use the screwdriver to pop up the latches at the hinge as shown in this picture.  You then use the wrench to grab the plastic nut under the toilet holding the screw in place and use the screwdriver to take off the big plastic screws holding the lid on.  Don’t be surprised if dried bits of grossness drops down when you take these off.  Yuck!!!  Place the screws and the nuts in the sink to soak, along with the bottom of the toilet lid giving those hinges a good chance to soak.

toilet5toilet6Now you clean your toilet.  Spray it with your cleaner and wipe it down thoroughly.  If there are stained areas that you can’t get clean, use a magic eraser.  This should get everything else off.  Next go to the things that have been soaking in the sink.  If left in long enough, almost no scrubbing should be needed on the screws and nuts.  I had to use the magic eraser to get some yellow stains off the seat.  I was really surprised that everything came off.  I mean everything.  Yeah!!  Once the toilet is dry, spray it with the gel gloss.  The same goes for the lid.  I did the lid in a dry bathtub so that the overspray would land in there.  Dana recommends spraying the floor by the back of the toilet and also any walls and baseboards around it.  The Gel Gloss will protect all of these things and make clean up a snap.  After spraying, you will need to wait 10-15 minutes for the Gel Gloss to dry.  Once it is, take a clean dry cloth and rub all surfaces that you sprayed in a circular motion just like you would if you were waxing your car.  You’ll be amazed at how shiny and smooth everything is.

toilet7All that is left now is to reattach the toilet lid.  Once it’s screwed back on tightly, go wash your hands really well and reward yourself with a brownie, ice cream, or Diet Coke.  I’d say you’ve earned it!


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