Churro Cake

churro cake2I am so excited!  I have been waiting for months to be able share this cake with you.  Last November Boy 3 wanted a birthday cake with churros on it.  Specifically he wanted me to write “Happy Birthday Boy 3” with churros on the top of the cake.  Being the quick thinker that I am, I immediately knew that unless I was making him a 3 foot long cake, that idea was not going to work out.  I did, however, promise that I would use them and I’m pretty happy with the results.


churro cake 1It’s hard to really call this a recipe.  More like it’s an idea of how to make a delicious and attractive cake for Cinyo de Mayo, a birthday or any other cake holiday you have in your life.

I used a chocolate cake.  I love chocolate and cinnamon together.  The cake can be changed to any cinnamon complimenting flavor you like.

I made a Swiss Buttercream for the frosting and it was divine!  Swiss Buttercream is not as sweet as American and has a wonderful smooth silky texture that you really must try!  It has a meringue base which you then add gobs of butter and flavoring to. (Gobs is a technical term, right?)  Meringue and butter…do I really need to say more?  I recommend using Tessa’s recipe over at Handle the Heat.  She also has a video that makes this frosting felt very doable.  I watch it before I make it, every time, to make sure I don’t miss a step.

To make sure all of the churros where to right height I assembled and frosted the cake and then used a ruler to measure the desired height.  I then measured each churro and placed them around the side of the cake.  I placed the uncut ends face up because, well, it just looked better.  I then sprinkled cinnamon sugar all over the top of the cake.  This, btw, was delightful to eat because it added slightly crunchy texture to the smooth, velvety frosting.

Last, but not least, I decorated the top edge with small stars and piled some of the extra pieces that I had left from cutting the churros, in the middle of the cake, which the boys in my house thought looked like a campfire.

Overall, I was very happy with this cake.  It was delicious, which is most important in my book, and it was easy to decorate.  Something that an amateur cake decorator could do with out much difficulty.

One last thing, where to find churros?  I picked up mine at The Restaurant Depot here in Phoenix.  If you don’t have one nearby, I have also noticed that Trader Joe’s sells churros.  If anyone finds them somewhere else, please comment about it so others know where to find them.  I hope that you have a Happy Cinco de Mayo and that a Churro Cake is in your near future.


PS- You may also want to try my Churro muffins from last year.  They are one of my all time favorite muffins!

Churro Cake
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Churro Cake
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  1. Marnie
    May 5, 2016 at 9:45 am (2 years ago)

    Mmmmm..who doesn’t love cinnamon sugar anything?? Looks delicious!


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